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Home of the the Open Importer engine.

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This is the OpenImporter development repository.

OpenImporter was inspired by SMF's forum converter engine and is used to "convert" data between different forum systems.

The importer requires you have already installed one of the supported destination systems and that your installation of this system is working properly.

It copies / translates data from a source system into the destination platform, so it won't work without an installation of the selected destination forum.

Supported Source systems:

Supported destination systems:

Use the link at the top to get the current version. You can also try the Development version

The software is licensed under BSD 3-clause license.

Contributions to documentation are licensed under CC-by-SA3. Third party libraries or sets of images, are under their own licenses.


Feel free to fork this repository and make your desired changes.

Please see the Developer's Certificate of Origin in the repository: by signing off your contributions, you acknowledge that you can and do license your submissions under the license of the project.

Please see How to contribute for information on how to contribute to the development process.


Project site: tbd / Discussion Board